The Importance of Pictures and more Facebook Marketing Tips for Bed and Breakfasts

The Importance of Pictures

Several people have asked me questions about the following two things on twitter recently and so here goes.

Question in a nutshell #1

“We don’t seem to have much action on our Facebook page in terms of comments even though we seem to have lots of fans”.

One word: Photos!

I mentioned this when I did my food tip photo post a few posts back, photos get per capita many many more comments then just information or personal/business posts.

To quote from:

“I went through over 800 Facebook Bed and Breakfast fan pages trying to find some food photos taken by innkeepers to use in the powerpoint portion of my presentation.

Only a very VERY small fraction of B&B fan page had food photos, even the ones taken by professional photographers for the B&B on their fan pages. Those are your photos, you paid for them, you should use them.

Of the photos I could find (which really were not very many) statistically more comments were put on photos by fans then on a regular facebook post on the B&B’s fan page. Even photos that were fuzzy, dark and not very appealing had positive comments.”

In writing this post I went through an additional 100+ B&B pages including ones I’d revisited before, The horror of horrors, hardly any photos to be found.

For people that use Facebook for personal reasons take a gander through your own timeline and other timelines and look at regular posts (text only) and photo posts, which do you think on average get more comments? The same principle applies to the business fan pages as well.

Take a peak at these for example, and both pages (sorry Mark 🙂 could use more pictures but they were good examples of FB pages that had a good but not unrealistic number of fans to them.



Question in a nutshell #2

“I’m frustrated because I want to grow our Facebook B&B page but no one seems to be finding us.”

Some common issues and solutions I’ve come across that might help.

1. Literally half the B&Bs I come across daily on twitter do not have their Facebook link on the home page of their website. I know this for a fact because I check every one of them out. SO, how are people supposed to find you first off? Telepathy? 🙂

Unless they were a former guest and actually looked you up in Facebook search they wouldn’t know you had a fan page.

2. Your other social media accounts don’t link to your Facebook Fan page account. Blogs have unlimited links out, Linkedin has a place for a FB link, as does Youtube. With Twitter you can put a url/weblink into the bio portion of your twitter profile and it is clickable.

3. Printed media. If you run an ad, ad the FB page link, if you have business cards, rack cards, brochures etc, add the link. I know people don’t want to or can’t do reprints especially if they just ordered a 10000, but Avery has those handy clear mini address labels that are the perfect size for printing your Facebook URL address on Don’t forget to claim your unique URL if you have more then 25 fans at to make the link shorter.

4. Email signatures: I get about 2 dozen emails a week from inns asking questions, looking for referrals for vendors etc or just wanting to chat. The majority of them do not have a email signature. See for more information on that.

If B&Bs need help with adding a signature to their email:



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6 Responses to The Importance of Pictures and more Facebook Marketing Tips for Bed and Breakfasts

  1. Ursula says:

    Hey there,
    Are you on Twitter? I’d like to follow you but couldn’t find the link!

  2. Good post Heather, and thanks so much for helping innkeepers and doing so much research to offer such useful links!

  3. Tammy Doriot says:

    Awesome advise on all points. I took your advise from the earlier post and added more pictures. It did make a difference, now I try to add pictures every chance I get.
    Thank you.

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