What the New twitter could mean for Bed and Breakfasts

There has been quite a few blogs roaming around cyberspace this last week plus about the “New” twitter. As far as I can see or find, no one has actually seen it yet.

There was an interesting post this morning Twitter Brand Pages are Pointless, which I thought interesting. I don’t agree with it because its marginalizing the many many people online that are not extremely tech savvy and not power twitter users. I wish I knew the percentage of people that are potential guests that use web based twitter.com vs. a desktop application like tweetdeck or connect from their mobile phone.

A brief scan of the 15 columns I have open in tweetdeck and the roughly 1500 people I have in multiple lists, and 10 minutes of observation I would say more then 50% are using web based twitter. Roughly 5% of the people I follow and have listed are “techies”, so its probably a good demographic number to use for the average web browsing person.

What I think is interesting about the new “branded” pages that are hopefully rolling out soon, if the twitter blog is any indication of what it’s going to look like; is the opportunity it would give B&Bs a place to have a photo (and photos sell!) and a tweet, perhaps it’s a special offer or other enticement that would stay at the top of your twitter profile until you changed it over and above your daily or weekly tweets. You could have a photo of recently baked signature muffins and a click through link in the “key” tweet at the top to the recipe on a blog (which would also include a link to your website or recipe page).

Much as I am opposed to direct “sales” on twitter and as an example, a inn I saw recently on twitter tweeting over 50 people in a row, “like us on Facebook” is a great example of that, I do think a one image (especially if it’s a catchy one) and a “come-on” message is ok, especially if the rest of your tweets are soft sell pitches, informational or conversational.

While this change may mean didely to the people that have been using twitter for awhile and already follow you or for ones using off twitter applications, it does have great promise for direct click through marketing and branding for an inn.

A potential guest clicks through to twitter from your website, blog or Facebook fan page and checks out your twitter profile. Even if they don’t use twitter or are even going to follow you is irrelevant.

It’s a chance to get a marketing message in front of them however briefly and perhaps catch their interest. Someone may be checking your website out and not know that you offer XX type of package, they might see it at the top of your twitter updated profile and click back to your website to that specific special package page to check it. Remember people don’t have to have twitter accounts or be logged into twitter to click on tweeted links.



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