Tips for Google+ for Business Pages and Multiple Administrators

Google+ as promised finally rolled out multiple administrator functions for Google+ Business Pages

To enable and access this new feature, Google has a short video that best explains it:

What this means for Bed and Breakfasts.

You can finally give access to your significant other or manager (s) to post to the business page without having to go through your own account.

Some notes on the Business Page admins:

Unlike Facebook, If you delete an admin for the business page, they get an email notifying them of the event.

Unlike Facebook, If you assign someone as a manager they will get an email saying you are invited to become one.

Managers must have or must create a Google+ personal account to be able to access the business page.

Unlike Facebook, an admin cannot delete the business page.

Unlike Facebook, an admin can not take control of the page away from the original creator.

Admins posting posts, similar to Facebook, posts will look like they are coming “from” the business and not an individual.

Business pages are now ownership transferable.

From the Google+  Help Page

Transfer ownership of your page: Only the owner of a page can transfer their ownership rights. The person you transfer ownership to must be an existing manager of the page. If you don’t have any managers, you must first invite the person to become a manager, then wait for them to accept their invitation.

To change who owns your page: Use the menu on the side of the page to switch over to the page for which you’d like to transfer ownership.

Click Settings at the top corner of the stream.

On the side of the page, select Managers.

On the opposite side, click Transfer ownership.

Identify the manager whom you want to designate as the new owner and click Transfer.

Confirm you want to transfer ownership to this person.

When an owner transfers ownership to someone else, the old owner automatically becomes a manager of the page. The transfer of ownership happens immediately — no confirmation is necessary from the new owner.



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2 Responses to Tips for Google+ for Business Pages and Multiple Administrators

  1. Roland says:

    Thanks for summarising all this info in a nice easily digestible form. It is interesting that ownership can be transferred. Could I sell my business page? I have noticed a few popping up with Key words as their title i.e. ‘Lincoln Bed and Breakfast’ instead of the name of the actual business. I guess they are hoping to get into the search results for these phrases. I expect Google will stop this although it could become a never ending task just like in Google Places. Lets hope the locksmiths don’t get started on it lol.

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