Is Fangating a good option for Bed and Breakfast Facebook Pages?

Fangating: where a Facebook user must click the like button before gaining access to the rest of the businesses Facebook Fan page or having Facebook Fan visible only text.

Is Fangating a good option for B&Bs? That’s a tough one to give an answer to, so I’ll give you a couple of pros and cons.

Facebook landing pages are great for first time Fan Page viewers and encouraging them to “like” the page on the landing tab page is always helpful, especially because Facebook made a little known change several months back and gave people the ability to post on a business fan page without actually becoming a fan.

Fangating is a little different in that Fans must “like” the page to see other specials or offers.

There are dozens of blogs and articles out there about why Fangating is the cat’s meow of getting more fans, as well as the ones saying that Fangating is the biggest mistake a business can make.


-It’s an incentive to get more people to “like” your page. As a B&B you may want to offer incentives to guests and potential guests (please see the note in bold at the end about this though) as “private” content.


-They have done studies on bounce rates (i.e. click through to the actual page) of Facebook users that have been to Likegated or Fangated pages and they have a much higher click-away rate then a simple landing page tab. This is primarily on small business pages as opposed to big brand pages, so you could be driving away people from checking out the rest of your fan page by Fangating it, as opposed to having a regular welcome/landing tab or having people land on your main wall.

-Search engines can’t see the content. Custom tabs hide text content from search engines, so it’s not being spidered by them. If you have content hidden by a custom tab Fangate, Google can’t see it and can not index the content.

A great article on Fangating with some takeaways “However, this begs the question of the value of a required Like. Should this individual be considered a true fan? Is he or she likely to remain engaged with your brand after accessing whatever content you have gated?”

The article also has some great points about pros and cons of fangating, as well I suggest reading through some of the comments which have some interesting takes from what could be “potential” guests in the context that anyone is a potential guest.

Something to keep in mind when running fan only options, once a person “likes” the page, this is the one and ONLY time they will see your specials and offers, if you really want to keep that content front and center in front of your Facebook fans eyes, minds and personal timelines, you need to keep posting it on your fan page wall, so whether its been Fangated or not, the content is always fresh.

A couple of useful articles if you are going to think about developing a landing page or Fangated page for your Bed and Breakfast Facebook page.

Top 10 Facebook Apps for Building Custom Pages & Tabs

And since many of the incentives to “like” a page involve promotions of some sort, it’s a good idea to stay up on what the rules and regulations regarding FB fan pages and promotions.

Facebook Promotions: What You Need to Know



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