Follow up to Food Costing PAII Webinar for Bed and Breakfasts

This is a follow-up to this afternoons PAII webinar, the recipes for Salmon in Puff Pastry Shells and Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar to follow first thing tomorrow morning.

Gluten free cookbooks (suggested)

  • Cooking Free, Carol Fenster, Ph.D.
  • Easy Gluten Free Baking, Elizabeth Barbone
  • Gluten-Free Baking Classics 2nd Edition, Annalise G. Roberts
  • The Ultimate Gluten-Free Cookie Book, Roben Ryberg
  • Simply . . . Gluten-free Desserts: 150 Delicious Recipes for Cupcakes, Cookies, Pies, and More Old and New Favorites, Carol Kicinski

Gluten Free Online Recipes and Resources

Calorie and Nutrition Calculators

Paii Webinar

Page 20 of Slides (image of bag and green cubes in a metal bowl).

Fresh Herbs (parsley, basil, rosemary, thyme, cilantro, , garlic and ginger can be chopped and blended with pure olive oil (not XV) and then put in sheet pans or flat containers and then frozen for up to 6 months, 3 months or less is optimal for flavor retention. The olive oil keeps the herbs and ginger/garlic in an emulsion. When defrosted there is no added water. Make sure to wrap well in baggies or seran wrap as they can pick up freezer odors. The only herb I have found that does not freeze quite as well as the others is tarragon.

Page 23 of Slides:

Many people that are gluten free or have other allergies actually may prefer a store brand as opposed to home made, those with allergies don’t know what your kitchen is like or if the glutenfree bread you made was made in the same mixing bowl (even cleaned) as a wheat bread. Any bit of wheat contaminant can be an issue, it’s even worse with nut allergies.

Page 26 of Slides:

Innkeepers Choice

-Pros: Gives the Innkeepers the serve the guests what the innkeepers feel like

-Cons: The Guest may not like some or all of the offerings.

Individual Table Buffet Style

-Pros: Gives Guests what they want, in the amounts they want them in

-Cons: May have a large amount of leftovers that from a food safety standpoint (sitting out at room temperature and may be contaminated) becomes un reusable.

Give menu options prior to service in the morning

Pros: Gives the inn more flexibility in what they are offering to guests right before hand,

Cons: you don’t know what the guests are going to order, so prepare time may be longer as well as the option if everyone decides to order the vegetable tart and not the stuffed French toast you may be short of product.

Or None of the options may appeal to a guest and you may have to scramble to come up with an alternative

Offering options the night before, as well as have guests fill out cards prior to check in, favorite foods, don’t likes, allergies and intolerances.

(option seems to be working well for many inns)

Pros: Gives innkeepers a better idea of what guests will like and more importantly what they will eat.

Cons: Guests may forget what they picked or change their mind.

Chart of Fruit and Vegetable Yields:

Apples Cored 82%
Apples Peeled & Cored 76%
Asparagus 56%
Avocado 72%
Avocado 72%
Banana 67%
Basil 87%
Beans, Green or Wax 88%
Beets 76%
Blueberries 96%
Broccoli 14 ct. 61%
Broccoli Crowns 95%
Brussels sprouts 74%
Cabbage Green/Red 79%
Cantaloupe de-peeled 50%
Carrots – peeled 87%
Cauliflower 12 ct 55%
Celery 75%
Chard Swiss/Red 77%
Cherries, pitted 89%
Cilantro 75%
Cranberries 97%
Cucumbers Peeled/Seeded 73%
Cucumbers Unpeeled sliced 95%
Eggplant 81%
Fennel 60%
Garlic Peeled 95%
Ginger Root 80%
Grapefruit section/no peel 47%
Grapes – red – seedless 92%
Grapes – white – seedless 92%
Honeydew de-peeled 57%
Kale 74%
Kiwi 76%
Leeks 75%
Lettuce Boston 75%
Lettuce butter 85%
Lettuce Green leaf 67%
Lettuce Red Leaf 67%
Lettuce Romaine 67%
Lettuce, prepacked portioned 99%
Lime, Fresh, Juice 30%
Mint 75%
Mushroom Button 97%
Mushroom Portabello 90%
Mushroom Shitake 97%
Onion Jumbo Yellow 50# 89%
Onion Jumbo-Red 25# 89%
Onion Med-Red 25# 89%
Onion Whole Peeled 25# 99%
Orange Fresh for Juice 30%
Oranges Sectioned 56%
Parsley 75%
Peaches 76%
Pears 78%
Peas, green 38%
Peas-Snap 85%
Peas-Snow 85%
Peppers Orange Holland 83%
Peppers Red Holland 83%
Peppers Yellow Holland 83%
Peppers, Bell Green and Red 65%
Pineapple 52%
Plums 94%
Potato Idaho 81%
Potato Red Bliss 81%
Potato Russet 81%
Potato Yukon Gold 81%
Rhubarb,tops trimmed 86%
Rosemary 45%
Scallion 70%
Spinach Baby 97%
Spinach Cello Untrimmed 74%
Spinach Trimmed/portion 92%
Squash Acorn 66%
Squash Butternut 66%
Squash Hubbard 66%
Strawberries 89%
Summer Squash 95%
Sweet Potato 80%
Tarragon 75%
Thyme 50%
Tomatoes 5×6 91%
Tomatoes plum 95%
Tomatoes Sundried 99%
Tomatoes Sundried rehydrated 110%
Tomatoes vine 95%
Turnips 81%
Watermelon 47%
Yams 81%
Zucchini 95%



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  1. Heather – many thanks for the webinar. I hadn’t thought about checking waste amounts to see what is consistently thrown out, to determine where to focus my efforts to decrease. In addition, the information you supplied on certain food additives that contained gluten was very interesting. Once again, thank you!

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