Pinterest for Lodging (from the Mid-Atlantic Innkeepers Conference)

Many Thanks for the innkeepers that attended the talk today.  I do want to add a couple of comments about Pinterest and the talk.

I didn’t want to show people how to set up their accounts and spend a lot of time creating boards as I don’t know whether Pinterest is going to just a passing fad and not the “next big thing” that many people are going to be using.  Please see: (Thank you to the Happy Hotelier for the point out as this was just breaking news) for a very relevant example of this. They said that about Myspace, very few users of Myspace exist comparatively now because Facebook has become the dominant network. In the past year there have been at least 7 new or existing social media sites that the media pundits tote as the upcoming thing to watch; thing to be on; you must do and do it now! Those have faded away like autumn leaves. Innkeepers can decide on their own as I know they are smart people whether want to pursue it or not. I did say this and will continue to, no one person or one inn can do everything and anything. Play with this when you can spare a much cherished free moment and see whether it’s interesting.

The other thing is I wish I could bring up more marketing examples to show and instruct how to use. We don’t know yet, its still technically such a “new” network to take advantage of and not many examples of how B&Bs are using it to promote themselves.  In 6 months (if the network is still around) there will be a dearth of examples to pull from and probably many ways that people will use to creatively do things with it that we can’t even begin to imagine yet. I can point out examples from HGTV and Kate Spade New York but they are not B&Bs.

If you did go to the talk and you have specific things you would have liked to hear and didn’t, things that you thought were or were not relavent please let me know!, Every comment is hugely useful to me to improve a presentation on something that is as of yet an unproven social network.

1. Welcome

2. 1/5 of Facebook users is a huge chunk of traffic. Traffic is continuing to grow daily.

3. Graph

4. More then a hour per month spent. I think that’s on the low side.

5. Demographics are B&B target visitors, people with extra disposable income, baby boomers and young executive

6. B&Bs getting Pinteresting

7,- 10. What are some B&Bs are up to on Pinterest

11. Not just for marketing, use it for ideas

12. Be creative, you have a B&B niche, you are dog friendly, have scapbooking weekends or have geocaching packages, do a pinboard

13. Around you in inn, In your inn

14. Where is your breakfast coming from?

15. Where can you shop in your area, what kinds of products can potential guests expect to find?

16. Where to eat, it’s one thing to send people by website to a local restaurant, another thing for them to visually see what kind of food they can expect.

17. -18. Pin boards can link back to your own media, your blog, your website, your Google+ page. (You can’t pin Facebook photos), Sightseeing, a visual is a great way to draw attention to your inn and your area.

19. Put boards together showing some of the things that guess can do and expect with your packages.

20. Business Retreats, don’t forget you can add additional information about at the top of each board.

21. – 22. more B&B Pinboard examples

23. Hotel Indigo while not a B&B has some great ideas for booards, through the eyes of their guests, they have repinned guests photos who have visited the area and their hotel

24. Wedding ideas for potential wedding guests.

25. Connections with B&B Lovers

26.-31 People who love B&Bs pin whole boards about B&Bs and their favorite ones as well, If you follow their boards they may go and check your boards out, “oh a B&B” lets follow them. Tip make sure your profile is filled out.

32. Notes & Tweaks

33. The best pinning time for most eyes on pins, seems to be around 6:00PM up until about 8:00PM during the work week and throughout the day on Sunday.

34. Fill out your profile, this is very important. People don’t want to have to go “find” you.

35. Pin your own photos on multiple boards, at different times.More exposure if people only follow a board vs following all. More chances of repinnage. Caveat don’t repin to much content, you want variety in the boards.

36. If you upload photos make sure you have a link associated with them, even if the photos is yours but not on your blog or website, it is you inn, make sure there is a trackback.

37. Ideas!!! Even if you don’t use it for marketing, most innkeepers I know always like new ideas for breakfast (and other meals)

38. Copyright is an issue. If you didn’t take the photo, you found it on Google or someone else’s blog website etc, do NOT download and then upload. Upload your own content only!!

39.- 40. Pin the pin it button your website (if you have access to your backend or if your web designer is kind) or on your blog posts (you can add these pins easily)

41. Rearrange boards, take advantage of this feature, when people go check out your main board page think of what boards you want eyes on above the fold. Vary some inns boards with some others of interest, don’t make ALL the top boards marketing specific.

42. In Pinterest itself is wherr you give the url and description of the photo to be pinned, it then spits out code you can embed on your website or blog. Check to make sure it works.

43. Using QR codes on pin boards of their own is a fun way to drive traffic. Do a pinboard with each QR code linking to a different page, a recipe, a special offer, a special package

44. Search for pins originating at your website or blog


(without the http://www.)

46.-47. Doing this gives you trackbacks for not only photos you have pinned but photos other users have pinned, also a good way to track back who likes to stay at B&Bs

48. Thank you!

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6 Responses to Pinterest for Lodging (from the Mid-Atlantic Innkeepers Conference)

  1. Sandy says:

    Another good presentation on a timely topic, Heather! Questions:

    Any idea why we can pin from Google+ but not Facebook? Seems odd considering one can sign into Pinterest from Facebook.
    To confirm, there is NO way to insert a link or @-tag equivalent within copy we write to go with a pin? (And yet when I quoted from a, that URL appeared as a link PDQ.)
    Re slides 17-18 plus 36: What are the pros and cons of uploading photos I took that exist in my computer files but not online? Am I correct that I can list my B&B’s URL even though the photo won’t be found there? Should I use my home page URL or perhaps an inside page that more closely relates to the photo? Pinterest doesn’t ask for proof that I have rights to the photo. Does that mean a photographer has no protection with regard to the distribution and use of such a photo? Would I be better off using Flickr as a repository of my pin-worthy photos since that site offers the photographer the opportunity to retain certain rights?
    Speaking of Flickr, I used it extensively for a board about places people can visit while staying at our B&B. Is that bad or wrong re the copyright issue or a relative lack of promotional value for my inn? My reasoning was that Flickr contributors have posted photos that are far more compelling than photos I took.

  2. Tammy Doriot says:

    Thank you Heather, awesome article.

  3. Well done Heather!

    …the only problem I have with Pinterest is how sure are we they will continue service? See the Clipmark debacle?

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