The Lodging Resource Newsletter, Issue #11, March 2012

Hello again Lovely Innkeepers!

Spring is coming finally ! Maple syrup weekends are starting around New England! And Pinterest still holds the media’s attention as the “new” place for businesses to advertise.

I have mixed feelings still about Pinterest, I find it fascinating but warn innkeepers to take the hype with a grain of salt. It is still an unproven medium for advertising, especially in the travel industry and while the tourism industry has the potential to do a lot with it, it may be just the latest flash in the pan, and gone next year or later this fall.

I would caution innkeepers to investigate it, but don’t devote whole chunks of time to building up a presence on it “yet”. It’s a terrific source of ideas for breakfast and other things and it “can” potentially be a source of click through traffic to your websites and other media. But until it has proven that its going to stick around, be cautious.

Facebook is the other 800 lb.gorilla that is making either businesses rejoice or curse. Regardless of how you personally feel about the new Timeline for business pages, if you have a Facebook page, I suggest you convert it over now to the new Timeline and learn how to use it.

It is optional now but it transitions ALL of them over at the end of March. If you don’t transition before then, you are left with a huge gray area at the top of your page.

The new timeline has several things of note that innkeepers can take advantage of: the ability to “pin” a post to the top of the timeline and the ability to change the date of the post so it always looks “fresh”. A few other things are pictures have much more visibility and the messaging feature as well can be a plus. If you are not going to use Facebook much but have a page, I would recommend turning it off.

Reminder to past and new readers: Please try to address the action items because they are IMPORTANT! saying (action item) Recommended at least to skim.

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