Privacy Settings On Facebook You May Not Be Aware Of

Skip down to near the end for the main gist of this if you are just interested in the Facebook privacy settings issues, the powerpoint is on slideshare and is better viewable there so you can see the screen shots more clearly.

FYI, the option that lets you view your profile as others see it IS NOT ACCURATE!

To read the start of this:

This weirdness all started last month when someone asked me where I had found a similar wooden cutting board to ones that we used in school (the Culinary Institute of America). Not remembering where I had gotten it,  I did what I usually do, and Googled, “cutting boards Culinary Institute of America.” What appeared in the top place of Google search (and I was not logged into Facebook at the time) was this post:

Which in hind sight I should have taken a screen shot of because it disappeared out of search about an hour later.

Next weirdness was several weeks ago when someone I am connected with on twitter posted a status update which was (and still is viewable) publically while not logged into Facebook (example of this in the powerpoint, see slide 18). I am not friends with them on Facebook, not that it should have mattered not being logged in. They do have subscribers enabled which makes me think there is a glitch there as have come across several other posts by people I am NOT connected with that are public (literally).

This morning I logged into Facebook and got a spam page recommendation from a friend of a friend and thought, “Hmm wonder what else got changed.?”

I try to keep on top of the changes to the privacy settings, but it appears newer changes have been made that I was not aware of, or that didn’t get announced, or as Facebook is so good at doing they didn’t really tell people properly. Surprise Surprise.

From a business perspective this is actually pretty cool because you can see a WHOLE lot of personal information that people are putting into Facebook, once your logged in, i.e posting times, likes, etc,

I’ve been gradually noticing more and more info available when I have cruised around on other Business fan pages, but it didn’t really whack me in the face until this morning when I started poking around and then called a friend who let me access her page, unfriended each other and then looked what information on mine was viewable.

From a personal perspective, what I saw before I spent ½ an hour really locking it down above and beyond what I thought was viewable, scared the living behesus out of me. If I didn’t have a business page myself and administrate dozens of other business pages, the temptation to quit right now is overwhelming.

I can’t  quit Facebook unfortunately, but am going to be VERY VERY careful what kind of information I comment, post, answer questions on, etc. from now on, as well as keeping an eye on what my personal profile looks like from an non friend point of view, as well as not logged in at all frequently.

Whether this is connected to Facebook’s public IPO or what, who knows. Whether these issues will magically fix themselves, heavens I hope so, but in the interim, highly suggest you review your profile and do some controlling of what is viewable.

Whether these are new changes or not, these are some things that people may not be truly aware that they are sharing with both the public (non logged in Facebook users) and with other people actually logged in to Facebook.

A couple of things not mentioned in the powerpoint but that are of note:

One, if you lock down everything and then change your banner profile, it WILL show up as a new post on your page (even with everything else taken off) so any comments or likes made on that banner image will be visible to ANYONE logged into facebook. Please see page 15 on the slides.

Two, very important for fan/business page owners, if you have yourself set as the page owner publically on your fan page it’s viewable.

On your fan page in the admin panel, under “manage”  then “edit page” then “featured” if you have yourself set as “a featured page owner” this information shows up on your personal profile (even with ALL info locked down) and it says “admin” of the page.

I don’t mind having that on my fan page, but I don’t want that info available on my personal page to people I am not connected with.

If anyone comes across some additional things, would much appreciate a comment and information about them and I will add it to the main post.


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