The Lodging Resource Newsletter, May 2012

Hello again Lovely Innkeepers!

(photo used with permission from the Woods Hole Inn)

A journey starts with a single step…

So begins the story of the Red Chair Travels.

I came across this first on an article posted by Marti Mayne who writes for the Boston Bed & Breakfast Examiner (amongst other things). and was instantly captivated by the blog Red Chair Travels:, and by how many other innkeepers on Cape Cod jumped into doing some interesting and unique things with it.

I lived for several years on the cape in the last decade and explored most of the towns there, as well as beaches and anywhere you could put a kayak in, of which there were more places then you could shake a stick at. Seeing pictures of the red chair in my old haunts made some pleasant memories surface of exploring the cape, as well as finding some new areas I have to check out next time I visit.

Check out the photo gallery of it’s travels at:

And Where’s the red chair now?

Attention Mac Users!

Of note to innkeepers, many of whom use Macintoshs, while Macs are great for security, there are viruses and malware out there that do attack them, while the amount is miniscule compared to what PC owners face, if you do have a Mac, you should be aware that there is a bad Malware program out there called Flashback which attacks Macs.

Flashback is a malicious program which uses a Java vulnerability to track Mac users. For those who have not heard of the virus, more information here  and

Web Tip

One of the questions I often get is, “How do I clear my browser cache out?”, if you manage your own website or have someone maintain it for you, you may not nessesarily see changes made right away. If you don’t you may need to clear out your browser cache, because its still picking up an older “copy” of your website’s pages. This link has a good list of instructions to clear out most browsers caches.

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