It is worth it for Bed and Breakfasts to use new Facebook’s pay to play?

Gut instinct in one word will it be worth it: No (but that may change, but I’m not going to take bets on it)

Will time tell? Probably

Will most B&Bs use it, if it is worth it? Considering many B&Bs still hover with fan counts under 300, they would have to make a marked push to get it over the 400 fan minimum cap to start using.

While to pay $5 to promote an ad for 3 days isn’t much, it’s really going to depend on the return on it, if you can get 700 post views organically and the same with a promoted post, why buy it, even if it’s cheap. It’s along the same lines as paying for that little itty bitty lodging directory. Well it’s only $25 bucks a year (but it’s on page 53 of Google).

This is going to be a two parter, I just got the ability to do the new Pay Per Post (Promoted Posts) option on my own fan page and several others I admin.

A Follow up post will be early next week with some follow-up comments.

Am currently doing a test run on to see how it works.

Some key points about Promoted Posts:


  • Go to any post you’ve created in the past 3 days on your Page timeline (these can be promoted but nothing past that 3 day limit)
  • The budget you set is a lifetime budget and not a daily budget (lifetime budget being the 3 days)
  • Need: 400 likes for your Page
  • You can pause the ad at any time, you can’t change the date.
  • How long will it take for my post to be promoted? Just like with regular ads and sponsored stories, promoted posts will be reviewed by our Facebook Ads Team, but generally they should start running as soon as they’re created. Just like with posts you don’t promote, your posts will show up in the news feeds of some of the people who like your Page right away.


  1. It appears you can only set a 5 dollar budget to start if you have around 400+ fans, you need at least twice that to advertise/promote for more money.
  2. These are some ratios it throws out as estimates, there doesn’t seem to be a set rhyme or reason to the reach factor, except it’s roughly ½ your fan page count.
  • 421 fans = 200 reach
  • 460 fans = 300 reach
  • 969 fans  = 500  reach
  • 3025 fans = 1400 reach

I signed up for the ad this Wednesday at 12:18 PM, it says the ad ends at Saturday at 12:18 pm. Apparently it hasn’t been approved yet as it’s not appearing to anyone but me (on my fan page not in my feed) as promoted. But apparently I’ve spent $.08 so far and it has had a 22 person “paid” page reach, as compared to a 130 people reached “so far” on that post by normal means.

A fairly new option from this past week is the ability to see organic and viral reach of posts, paid, organic and viral which is useful.

I honestly don’t see any value in this (as of yet) because the people who will be using the pay to play option (depending on how it looks in the timeline) could end up cluttering up the internal feed. Which from a personal standpoint, if I have fanned Coca-Cola’s page for instance and all I see is their promoted tweet I may be tempted to un-fan it.

Facebook has been extremely cagey about what the promoted posts are going to look like in the feed and I have yet to find any blog out there (yet) with an example of what it looks like. But if I click over the number of people who the post has “reached” and then hover over the ? mark on the paid number it says, “The number of people who saw your page post in an ad or sponsored story”, so I am going to assume the post is appearing on the right sidebar of the internal feed.

I’ll see what happens in a couple of days.

In the interim though if you want a laugh or maybe just a head scratch in puzzlement.

Check out: which only has 40 fans and apparently is the basis behind the images in

Is this fuzzy math or just a little photoshopping?  *note where it says ad coupon?


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8 Responses to It is worth it for Bed and Breakfasts to use new Facebook’s pay to play?

  1. Rachel Duhon says:

    Hi Heather:

    I just read your website about not following anyone who states their an “expert” or “guru” on Twitter. 🙂 I feel the same way. I loved what you said about “food porn” (every woman probably agrees with you). I never asked you what your favorite food to make was.

    I don’t know much about B & B’s but I love going to them when I get a chance. I stayed in B & B’s the whole time I was in Ireland and the experiences were fantastic! What’s your best part about it? Do you own one or do you help others market?

    Looking forward to continuing our chats on Twitter and on the blogs!



    • Chef Forfeng says:

      Hi Rachel, I do follow the occasional expert (if they really know what they are talked about) the gurus I stay clear of if I can. 🙂 Favorite food to make is everything! Don’t have a B&B as of yet, just work with a lot of them. Cheers!

  2. munrohouse says:

    These people will do anything to get their stock prices up. I don’t want to pay for something that has always been free.

  3. Exactly who sees these “promoted” posts? Page fans see them already, so who else does the promoted post reach and how are they chosen?

  4. Very interesting. Seems to me this is designed for the big guns out there. I look forward to your follow up post. My take on it? I’m not biting. I’m on a diet!

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