Bed and Breakfasts and Facebooks new Pay to Play, Part Two

There are a couple of additional things Facebook related that are of interest to Bed and Breakfasts following the Promoted posts info. Several are a bit important.

I did say I would do a follow up on Facebook promoted posts, in a couple of words, I wasn’t very impressed. The first post about this was

If I had a special or promotional offer to “sell”, would the results have been any different? Good question. I did it on my page as a test run, A. to see what it looked like on my end, and B. to see what kind of information it would spit out.

In the interest of learning more, I have inveigled two of the B&Bs I admin pages with to let me “play” with a couple of their posts.

This will give me a better idea of it’s even worth investigating for those B&Bs who have, or want, to try to cap the 400 fan limit that promoted posts requires.

A couple of observations about promoted posts.

With the release of promoted posts, all fan pages give feedback of “number of people reached”. Of course this is a little vague, does this mean 134 people happened to be signed in at the time you posted it? Facebook as usual doesn’t have a clear answer for that one

I did a test with 2 friend’s accounts, we sat there for more then an hour and refreshed Facebook over 300 times before one of them “saw” my promoted post. The other one it took about 50 more browser refreshes. I have about 422 fans, so statistically only a very, very small portion of my fans would see a promoted post, at the $5 limit that 400 fans gets you.

I took in comparison, a promoted post that a friend of mine did, she does public speaking. She ran a promoted post as a test with a $20.00 limit, she also has around 10000 fans. We found that she got lots of numbers that “said” they reached the target audience but strangely enough, (and I found this too when I ran my test) told her that the promoted posts had actually reached LESS of an audience then ones that were not promoted.

Facebook’s “numbers” of reach and the amount of money available at a spend is a bit like fuzzy math, i.e. it looks like it was made up, especially considering the fan page used for the screen shots (mentioned in the first post) which is currently holding steady at around 44 fans.

After the result of the two B&B promoted posts, hopefully two each, I’ll have a better perspective on whether it’s even feasible to do try it or not for a B&B.

Some things that have happened in this past week that Bed and Breakfast’s should be aware of:

Earlier this week (this is a good one)

Facebook pages now have the ability to preschedule posts.

Facebook Offers is slowly rolling out to select customers. This I think will be a bonus to Bed and Breakfasts. While I am definitely not a fan of couponing, discounts can work, but better to run them through a system where someone else is not taking a huge cut of profit like Groupon does.

Today some more new rollouts. Some good some not so good………….

The not so good:

Pick special friends to see “more” of what they are posting. I can almost tell the next step is going to be, “Pick which fan pages of which you want to see more content”, Uh oh!

RSS feeds from both RSS Graffiti and Networking blogs are not appearing in people’s internal streams. I also asked a few friends and they are missing those as well. This may be a temporary glitch. If it’s not, those poor people with autofeeds will have to spend an extra 5 seconds posting manually.

The Very Good:

Photos from fan pages are back to a good size again, I REALLY hope this is not a glitch as the internal photos from a page were way too small to get really good eyeballs on them in the internal feed compared to the size of a photo or image post by a friend.

New size:



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