Twitter for Business Checklist Worksheet

I thought it might be useful to B&Bs and perhaps other businesses to continue to do some checklists for social media as the Facebook Business Page Checklist Worksheet has proved popular and the feedback I got was that it was helpful. I’ll try to work on a blogging one next.

You can also download this worksheet in PDF: Twitter for Business Checklist Worksheet

Created a Twitter Account:

Yes       No

No: Create

Locked down personal posts: (optional but NOT recommended for B&Bs. Who is going to follow you if they can’t see your tweets, only recommended if you want to play with the account first to see how it works)  Don’t forget to “unlock” when you want to be live/public  (under tweet privacy)

Yes       No

Customized and Uploaded a Profile Picture/Avatar:

Yes       No

No: Create and upload, I found to be the easiest to use for cropping and adding text if you don’t have a desktop photo editor.

Other options:

Twitter avatar sizes:

48×48 px – The smallest version. Displayed along with the tweets shown on your twitter home page when you’re logged in (this one: This makes it the most important version of the avatar because it’s the one that gets shown the most. Whenever you tweet something your followers see this version of your avatar.

73×73 px – Displayed on your profile page ( when viewed by someone who’s NOT logged in. This is probably the least displayed version.

128×128 px – Displayed on your profile page (, but this time when viewed by someone who is LOGGED IN. This makes it the second most important version.

The original size – This version is displayed when you click on your own, or someone else’s picture while visiting their profile. Twitter limits your picture to 700kB (at the time of writing this post). But I can see no point of using a picture bigger than 250×250 px here anyway.


Customized and Uploaded a Background Image:

Yes       No

No: Create and upload. There is a lot of space here you can use for advertising and/or attractive pictures, make the space count.

Filled out all information in the Bio Section:.

Yes       No

No: Enter Information

2 tips: 1. you can put a second URL/Hot link (must contain the full url, i.e. http:///www) of another website or social media site in the bio section and it will become “hot/clickable”

2. Never use a shortened URL in either your bio section or the box for “website” People will not click on the shortened link. Its ok to use shortened links in twitter posts but in general the only ones that use shortening links in the bios are scammers and spammers.

Location filled out:

How do people know where your inn is unless you tell them, don’t rely on them to click through to your website.

Yes       No

No: Enter Information

Website filled out:

Yes and No, Did you check the link to make sure it works?

Yes       No

No: Enter Information

Set up a feed from Facebook to Twitter

Yes       No

No: Enable if you choose.  NOT recommended, twitter to Facebook.

Set up a feed from Blog to Twitter or

Yes       No

No: Enable if you choose.

Sourced content for Twitter Feed:

Yes       No

No: Enable

Content Sources:

Google Alerts


Twitter lists: Even if you don’t “use” twitter, you can set up lists for business information sourcing.


Sign up for newsletters or blogs relevant or interesting to your target clientele.

As you go through and read online articles, use to organize your information and links, this is useful because hot links are clickable, you can use it as a too do list, organize it, cross it off, move it, as well as it is accessible anywhere online on any computer.

Developed a Schedule for twitter posts

Yes       No

No: Plan out a schedule

There are many tools out there to help your schedule post, intersperse them with “live” posts for the best ROTI (return on time investment)


Hootsuite: update multiple twitter accounts and pre-schedule tweets

SocialOomph: pre-schedule tweets, set up keyword alerts by email, the pro version has more options for scheduling posts to other networks as well

Buffer:  a tweet scheduler, up to 10 scheduled tweets free at a time, there is paid version as well.  (my favorite)

Stalked Journalists:

Yes       No

No: Stalk and either follow or put on lists

Suggested reading: Bed and Breakfasts, Engaging with Journalists on Twitter

Stalked the competition:

Yes       No

No: Stalk and either follow or put on lists. If you follow them they may notice and block you in which case you can still see their tweets but you can’t follow their posts in your feed and you can’t put them on twitter lists. Suggest using the private setting for listing comps.

How to Use Twitter Lists:

Stalked the followers of inns similar to you (around the world or around the country)

Yes       No

No: Stalk and either follow or put on lists. If you follow them they might follow you back and a conversation and perhaps future booking can ensue.

Suggested reading: Inns and the Art of the DM (direct message)

Cleaned up your following list:

Yes       No

No: I you are following people that don’t tweet much or have stopped tweeting, unfollow them, if you want to check back, put them on a list. If you are following people that don’t follow you back, put them on a list or try to engage with them, they may not realize you are following them. Friend or follow is useful for this: : An easy way of finding out who is following you, and who you are following who is not following you back


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