Seven Things You Might Find in a Hotel, but You’ll Never Find at a B&B

The correct title is more like: Seven Things You Might Find in a Hotel, but You’ll Never Find at a B&B, THANK HEAVENS!

To promote Gordon Ramsey’s new TV show, Hotel Hell developed this Facebook app that gives you a behind the scenes look at what might be happening in your hotel room while you are off lounging at the pool. (not suggested watching while eating anything, trust me)
(You do have to login with Facebook, application removal instructions at the end of the post)

The video made me laugh and cringe at the same time while watching it, as it reminded me that while hotels have such an impersonal touch in general and are sometimes run by employees that most of the time don’t care a wit about you. Innkeepers are the exact opposite, they care, about you, about your room, your comfort and your stay.

So thank you Gordon Ramsey and Hotel Hell for being a great pointer out of……….
Seven Things Innkeepers will never do to your things, or in your room at a B&B.

  1. Put Snot on the Towels. Innkeepers are more likely to be picking the one miniscule piece of lint OFF your towels rather then putting something nasty on them when cleaning your room.
  2. Gargle with Your Mouthwash and Then Spit it Back. Never happen in a B&B, all I can say is EW! I do find it amusing that it was full size bottle of mouthwash in the video. Apparently this hotel was too cheap to include them in their amenities.
  3. Drink From Your Minibar. While most B&Bs don’t have minibars, they do offer you a glass of wine on occasion, on the house, UNLIKE a hotel where you pay out the nose.
  4. Use Your Computer. Never happen in a B&B, If you have computer issues or didn’t bring one and need to get online in an emergency, Innkeepers can find a way!
  5. Sniffing Your Undies. Not even going to tackle that one aside to say, been in hotel/motels rooms when I can tell my luggage and clothes has been moved/gone though, never had it happen in a B&B.
  6. Spitting on Your Phone. In an inn/B&B, they clean your phone with cleaner/sanitizer. I don’t know how many times I’ve have stayed in a hotel or motel and the phone is nasty.
  7. Use Your Toothbrush for a Toilet Scrubber. Unlike hotels, innkeepers are the ones scrubbing the toilets, not an underpaid maid with a potential grudge.

Innkeepers would love some more reasons why those seven things would never happen in your bed and breakfasts.

Facebook App Removal
Although I checked this application out before hand, it’s still a good idea to disable any applications that are not necessary in Facebook.

To disable the App, (logged into Facebook) go to the top right corner of the Facebook (blue) bar. Click the small white arrowhead to the right of “Home” and then go to “Account Settings” then on the left go to “Apps” and then disable (click the x) to get rid of the application. It’s a good idea to go in and disable any applications that you don’t use or don’t know about.


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9 Responses to Seven Things You Might Find in a Hotel, but You’ll Never Find at a B&B

  1. Kev says:

    Sorry – I thought it meant at the end of the maidfromhell site – just seen the instructions at the end of your post! Duh!

  2. Kev says:

    Very clever. So the removal instructions did not appear for me – how do I remove my FB connection?

  3. Wow – I did think the mouthwash was a bit stronger than usual. But I wish to deny any connection with those undergarments, that’s a plant!

  4. Carol says:

    After reading this (let alone seeing it on TV) can’t imagine anyone staying in a hotel with peace of mind. EW, indeed.

  5. Thomas says:

    Great article. I am tweeting it right now.

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