Final Follow Up to Facebook’s New Play to Play

This is a follow up to two posts I did mid summer about Facebook’s Promoted Posts

Last one is here

Since then I have the opportunity to play around with the feature through my own fan page and with three Bed and Breakfast Fan pages that had between 400 (the minimum fans you need to use the feature) and 550 fans, for the last couple of months. Between the 4 pages we have done a total of 35 promoted posts, not a huge amount but enough to give some feedback on initial thoughts. At about 8 promo posts per page, one per week for 2 months.

Originally I was less then impressed by the feature, my thoughts about it have changed only slightly as it appears it is useful for some things but apparently not for others.

Of the promoted posts on the three B&Bs while page posts views were statistically higher on a sales promoted post, the number of clicks throughs to a exterior page from Facebook remained the same as from a non promoted sales post. I didn’t run sales posts on my own page so can’t gage a non lodging oriented post for this test.

Click through traffic from a promoted post from a photo with a link attached (non sales related) or from a recipe or blog post were between 15-32% higher then a regular post non promoted. This held true on my own page as well.

After using the promoted post option at least 4 times for each B&B (this includes my page as well) The initial promotion bid of $5 was raised to $10. Raising the advertising level did not significantly up the number of likes or clicks to an external source.

Using the promoted post option to “people that like their page and their friends”, only showed a small uptick in likings of the pages. This is such a small amount that it cannot necessarily be attributable to promoted posts and is more likely is due to organic growth.

The most significant thing I found was using a promoted post option upped the number of likes per promoted post by at least 50%+.

What this boils down to though is do likes = sales? Not usually. Do click throughs to a recipe or blog post = sales? Not usually, no. Because there is no significant difference in click throughs to sales related posts I don’t recommend using it for such.

Can clicks and likes translate to Branding? Yes. Can that long term translate to sales? Yes, but not immediately.

Final thought. Because the cost of promoted posts is affordable for small business, unlike twitter’s promoted posts, I would recommend testing it out, you don’t have a contract to sign and you can stop it at any time.

You may find some ways to leverage click throughs to result from a soft sell. I.e. make sure the recipe you are promoting has information about your inn and reservation information, specials and any special offers you might have on it as well.


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