Tripadvisors’ Facebook Fan Page Review App

For those of you unaware of it, Tripadvisor has recently rolled out a new application for lodging. An app tab that integrates into your Facebook Fan/Business Page.

For once I actually like this offering from TA, the only downside a lodging facility would have in adding it, is if they get a bad review (it shows the last 4 consecutive reviews).

It says it’s customizable, it is, sort of, in that you can view or hide from view; the reviews (not sure why you would want to do this), the photos (again ditto) and the Certificates (again ditto).

*a note, make sure you are logged in as admin of your page, if you admin more than one page, make sure you select the appropriate one. The app is easily deleteable though if A. It gets posted on the wrong page or B. You no longer wish to have the app on your page.

**to delete an app, go to edit page, then manage permissions, then apps (on the left side) X out any apps you don’t want accessing the page.

To get to the section to add the app:

  • Then go to: Management Center
  • Then go to: Free marketing tools
  • Then go to: Display your rating and reviews
  • Then go to: TripAdvisor App for Facebook
  • Connect to Facebook and Add it to your fan page

The App:

To see what the app looks like live:

Editable options:

Don’t Forget if you have multiple apps, you can move them around. (click on the arrow to the right for “all”, then click on the pencil at the top right of each app and switch with another selected app.


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4 Responses to Tripadvisors’ Facebook Fan Page Review App

  1. Thanks! I’ve been shy about linking such review pages to my social media or web site. 99.9% are good reviews but there is always that .01% that will stick out when you least expect it and are not watching. Just got on on my Google review from someone who did not end up staying as she felt that she could check in any time she wanted and that I should just leave a key for her to come in anytime. Mind you, I have never met this person and so I don’t leave keys for a stranger.

  2. In regards to a Trip Advisor tab on you FB , what about management responses? Do they show up too?

    • Chef Forfeng says:

      To the best of my knowledge no, but I have not seen that many of the apps installed yet, it appears just to give you a little blurb from the last few reviews, I would imagine you would have to click through to the review itself for the rest (and the management response) to show up

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