Facebook, Edgerank and Bed and Breakfasts

Yesterday I wrote a post for our local Chamber’s newsletter and put it on the local Patch as well. This was prompted by the overwhelming numbers of businesses thinking they needed to A. pay to post at all and B. pay to post to reach beyond 10-15% of their fans on their Facebook Business/Fan pages. http://rockyhill.patch.com/blog_posts/facebook-fan-pages-and-edgerank Please read first.

As of this morning, starting around Monday, I’ve seen several hundred Bed and Breakfasts basically panicking and putting posts in saying as well that Facebook was requiring them to pay to post anything at all or that fans had to add them to interest lists for fans to see ANY of their posts.

First of all, the information that fans were not seeing 100% of posts was brought up many times earlier this year, They also mentioned friends were not seeing personal updates as well. You don’t have to pay for posts, this is an option, and FB is not requiring fans to add pages to option list in order to see posts.

To address, fan and friends not seeing some posts, Facebook may or not be hiding posts, but think about some additional facts: You have 600 fans as an example, more then half of the active ones are not going to be online (and this is being generous) at every given time of the day. More then half of those people may not have logged in for more then a month.

Earlier this summer there was a study about how much and how often people logged in to Facebook, and I was curious at the time and did an overview of the people I am friends with on FB. Of the 350+ friends, more then half had not been on in more then 2 months, several dozen had not been on in more then 6 months etc. So technically perhaps ½ your fans are not going to see your posts at all because they log in infrequently.

Additionally, If you think about the fact that the average person has 100+ friends that may post on a consistent basis and likes an average of 4-6 pages per month, the average person then likes (if they have been on for several years) between 144 – 216 pages (if they have been on for at least three years, since 2009). So if every active person and every active page is posting at least once daily (and I have friends that post 6+  times daily) the average person sees in their stream at least 250+ posts, or rather they probably see the last 30-40. Think about it then next time you log into Facebook and look at your feed, how far down do you scroll down?

Think of it this way, you are watching traffic on a highway, they are all going 70 miles per hour, and one red car with Michigan plates goes by. The odds of you seeing that particular car is lessoned by the amount of other cars going by.

To reiterate my Patch post, Facebook is not requiring Business page owners to pay for their posts, this is an option.

If people would do a little research and read some of the many great posts out there by seasoned marketers who understand Edgerank, they will all tell you pretty much the same things.

Post pictures, engaging posts, questions, video etc.





and many more.

I’ve been doing a study for the last couple of months on the 80+ plus Facebook Fan Pages I admin (i.e. I don’t post for them, I help them set it up and am still there as a backend if they need help) the nice thing about this is it gives me access to all the pages insights.

From this, I’ve been studying page post times and page post content. Depending on the industry, there are certain times of day that are better for some that others, but across the board, content is king, pictures, recipes and interesting information is what is STILL getting page post engagement. This has not changed.

If B&Bs are concerned about Edgerank and fans not seeing posts, I do encourage them to have fans put them on interest lists, but if you really want to conquer Edgerank, do a study of your insights and track back what times of day and what posts you’ve made already get the most engagement.

If you really want to dig deeper, investigate your fans, most don’t have privacy settings enabled so you can see when they are on and what time, and if they have been on at all recently. Once you have a spreadsheet set up with that information you can even do further targeting, who is a past guest, who is interested in special offers and time your posts to reach those people.

With the new option of doing page post targeting (free) mentioned in the Patch blog, you can do more specific targeting of your fans. Running a special for Valentine’s day? Target your post to your male fans between the ages of 25 and 65 that are college educated for example. (or target the women and make a post with a subtle hint in it for their significant others).

Yes this requires some work, but Facebook’s algorithms are putting me in mind of Google’s Panda and Penguin updates which is weeding out content that is irrelevant and making content king, in my eyes that’s not a bad thing. Sharing other Page’s posts gets a high level of engagement as well, so you don’t need to rack your brains having to come up with quality content all the time.


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