Twitter Questions and Bed and Breakfasts

I recently came across an interesting twitter related site, which gives you random questions asked in real time on twitter. You can also search questions asked on but I found Youaskedit kind of fun. If you put search terms in quotes like “Bed and Breakfast” you get targeted results. People do ask about input like where to stay, asking for B&B recommendations, etc. The questions go back almost a week so if you can’t answer a question because it seems too far past the time that it would be still applicable, you CAN use it to either follow the person or put them on a list because they are B&B type stay people.

you ask one

*Be prepared if you do use the search for some NSFW (i.e. some profanity) but you will get that using socialoomph keyword search or advanced twitter search as well, I know it seems odds, but whatever search format you use, you will find some.

You have the ability to pause the count down before the next question appears by clicking on the small arrow mark to the left of the count down numbers.


This program does not require permission to attach an app to your twitter account (which is good) instead it takes your answer and opens up a pop-up window. You have to be logged into your twitter account first in order to answer a question.


While this may seem like a bit of a time waster (it can be) it can also be valuable, as certain search terms come up with questions about local events, what to do with recipes, and other how to or information questions that B&B owners have answers too.

What better way to engage with a potential guest (and possibly gain a follower) then answering a question you might know the answer to?


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4 Responses to Twitter Questions and Bed and Breakfasts

  1. Sarah Romero says:

    Useful in whatever industry you’re in. Thanks for sharing! This is great.

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