Using WorkFlowy to organize your Bed and Breakfast’s blog posts


From their website: WorkFlowy is an organizational tool that makes life easier. It can help you organize personal to-dos, collaborate on large team projects, take notes, write research papers, keep a journal, plan a wedding, and much more.

I got hooked on WorkFlowy about a year ago and immediately became addicted to it as a humongously useful online tool for social media, organization and especially for blogging. 

Things I love about it:

  1. It’s free, there is a paid version, but the free has more then enough goodies
  2. It’s like an online to do list with added features
  3. You can access it from anywhere, on any computer
  4. It’s easy to rearrange text and links, you just drag them around
  5. It has submenus/sublists, so you can easily categorize and edit things
  6. You can export lists into other formats
  7. You can share a list, or let someone else edit it (privately)
  8. There is a search box, so you can easily find something in a list or submenu
  9. Links/Urls are hot, so anything you insert is clickable and it will take you to the website or URL it’s referencing.
  10. Instead of deleting a done idea or note, you can cross it off and keep a record of it.

Why this is incredibly useful as a blogging tool:

  1. You can have a list (with sublists) for blogging ideas that you can access anywhere at any time.
  2. You can add things to it on the fly (i.e. you just came across a local online news article promoting a new store opening, or a special event and you can bookmark it, with a hot link to the article for reference, and then bump it up to the top of your blog post list)
  3. You can make a list of area events going on, you can then date them in order of to be published (and rearrange them easily).
  4. You can put a lot of text into each bullet, theoretically you could write your blog post or snippets or bullet points of the post in each list.
  5. You can make up a list of area attractions, restaurants and other things to do in the area, including notes and Urls,  after you write a post about each one, cross it off and there it is as reference, so that you don’t have to go back through all your previous blog posts to see whether you already blogged about it.



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