Bed and Breakfasts, Reputation Management and Deleted Tweets


A common concern I hear frequently voiced from B&Bs, “Is what if I have a conversation with someone who voices a complaint,” or “What if I posted something I regret?” Like a drunk tweet, or something posted in anger, “Should I delete it?

Deleting tweets is up to an individual, but keep in mind just because you delete it from twitter, does not mean they are deleted from Tweetdeck (online and desktop based), from Hootsuite, or from Twitter itself, if the person has not deleted their tweets in reply.

Something to consider as well is the ease in which people can take screenshots.

If a tweet is made by mistake, it’s up to you whether to delete or not, if it’s something made in anger or otherwise, I would perhaps delete it and then the next tweet be an apology. Leaving it is up is up to you, again someone might have already seen it/screen shotted it.

Deleting tweets made in discussion or by someone voicing a customer service issue, I would highly recommend not doing.

First of all, tweets go by pretty quickly if you are an active user, so a discussion tweet should be buried under other tweets fairly quickly, if they are not, you may want to think about posting more additional content then usual to drive the tweets down your stream.

Second, the people who follow the person complaining/having an issue/problem may track back to you, if they see their friend/connection talking to you about an issue and then don’t see a response from you, because you have deleted your tweets, it looks like you are not paying attention and not responding. From a reputation management aspect, that’s bad.

Third, if you delete tweets from a conversation, even one that turned out to have a positive resolution, and more importantly if from one that you did not, if the person conversing with you happens to go back and check your twitter stream, and finds your tweets to them deleted, it will cheese them off to no end. From a reputation management aspect, that’s very bad.

This can blow up in your face, if the person decides to then spread your name across other social media channels, including tweeting your name and twitter user name to their other networks.

As a Bed and Breakfast, think about what a customer/past customer/future customer will think if you delete a conversation with them. Will they notice?

Maybe and that’s a risk you should not take. If I had had a conversation with a B&B about a customer service issue and the B&B deleted their tweets, it would leave me with a bad taste in my mouth and a much lowered opinion of the B&B.

Think before you post and think before you delete.


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  1. insightful thoughts on the best way to really handle the issue!

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