A tip for innkeepers to leverage the new Faceboook Graph Search


With Facebook Graph Search geared for public rollout soon, it’s important that innkeepers that have Facebook business pages invite ALL their friends and family to be fans of their business pages. In this case it has nothing to do with getting your fan count up.

While many business owners don’t feel comfortable, or don’t want to invite friends and family to like their pages. (I honestly have no idea why, but apparently some people do). It is not going to be about the friends and family, it’s going to be about who “they” are connected to.

The new Graph Search will allow people to discover restaurants, shops and other businesses their friends have visited and/or liked, this goes for Bed and Breakfasts as well.

So it doesn’t matter if your 80 year old Grandmother might never be a (paid) guest at your B&B, but her 40 year old health care aid might be. Your second cousin in Tennessee may never be a guest at your B&B, but the people he or she is connected to might be, especially if they search for places that your second cousin has “liked” that are lodging facilities.

The fact that your Grandmother or your second cousin has liked your page means it will come up in related results when lodging is searched for.

If you have not previously invited people you are connected to like your page, go to your business page, at the top, go to “build audience”, then “invite friends”, make sure you have the “search all friends” option and not “recent interactions.”


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6 Responses to A tip for innkeepers to leverage the new Faceboook Graph Search

  1. Chloe Tutle says:

    Heather, does this mean that these friends I invite will then be able to post all those tiresome photos of grandchildren on my business page? or tell me about their recent colonoscopy? forsooth, I avoid them if possible on my personal page. thanks…Chloe

    • Chef Forfeng says:

      You can disable having people post photos on your biz page, but inviting them to like the page is not quite the same as being “friends” with them on the personal side. It’s more so that people that they are connected to will see your page showing up in Graph Search then anything else.

  2. parksidebnb says:

    Thanks for the heads up, Heather.

  3. Roland says:

    Good advice, your friends are bound to recommend you whether they’ve stayed with you or not, a recommendation from friends who know you well is probably more powerful than one from guests who have stayed with you!

  4. Phil Graham says:

    Thanks for the tip – I would just add, try not to invite “friends” whom you’ve invited before. That really does come over as begging for “Likes” for your Page. 🙂

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