Some tips for Bed and Breakfasts using Linkedin Business Pages


Our last post Linkedin Business Pages and Bed and Breakfasts gave you a walkthrough of things you need to make sure you fill out when setting up your B&B’s Linkedin Business page.

Here are some additional tips:

If you are having trouble signing up for your business page, it may be because the email you are using to register it is not through a top level domain. I.e. your email may be, you need If you don’t have a custom domain email and you don’t want one, you or your webmaster may be able to easily set up an email forwarder so that emails go through to

You can add up to 25 Products or Services Listings (think Packages and Offers) and you can change them at any time.

When adding Products or Services, Think reverse consecutively. So the most important ones you want to add, add last. Linkedin does not give the opportunity to rearrange how they are listed, so offers/specials added first end up at the end of the list, not at the top.

Make sure your home tab is keyword rich. The aim here is for the business page (because it is public, you don’t have to logged in to Linkedin to view it) to be SEO (search engine optimized) friendly.

Don’t expect (or feel like something has been missed) if your Linkedin business page does not have/does not get a lot of followers. This is not a social network like Facebook or twitter, when fan/like/follower count is that important.

The two primary reasons to set up a business page, is for SEO value and it’s one additional place to post ongoing specials, packages, inn news and blog posts that are public so that anyone can view them (including the search engines).



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