Working on The Men of Glastonbury Calendar


For those who may not know, I kind of fell into a full time job this past June at the local Chamber of Commerce that I have been a member and ambassador at for the last few years. It wasn’t something I was looking for, and it’s certainly been a bit of a challenge running my own full time business alongside it, but it certainly has been fun and oftentimes quite interesting.

One of the more interesting (and I admit quite fun) things I’ve gotten to work on this past month has been the Men of Glastonbury calendar. A fundraising piece for the Chamber modeled on the successful Men of Westerly calendar that the Greater Westerly-Pawcatuck Area Chamber of Commerce has done for several years now.

Apparently Glastonbury was not quite prepared for something like this and it’s under a lot of misconceptions. Which I find totally hilarious. Being a chamber employee now, as well as a business owner (and still a chamber member) it’s interesting seeing the internal and external workings and the sides of people that come out under unique circumstances. This is certainly one of those circumstances where you get to see inside the deepest recesses of people’s character and to see if they actually have a sense of humor or not.

Because that’s what this calendar is, it’s funny as hell. It’s not Playgirl, it’s not something you have to hide, it reminds me a tad of the Garden Club ladies movie in the UK who “took it off for charity” The movie is called Calendar Girls and for those out for a good laugh and a great heartwarming movie, highly recommended!

The local paper seems to have it’s knickers in a twist about the whole thing, and I’m still not sure whether the editor finds the whole idea offensive or is just insulted he wasn’t asked to participate in it. Towns people and business people alike have raised eyebrows and been a tad leery of the whole thing it seems.

I think part of the issue comes from seeing some photos from the Westerly calendar, which is a tad risqué in that some of the photos taken were of the men totally lacking their skivvies, with objects strategically placed to hide their tootsies. Cute but a bit much for Glastonbury, which I would agree with!

The calendar I got to work on was in a totally different vein. Men HAD to wear their tighty whities (in one case red LOL), shorts or jeans, they were just for the most part shirtless. While some pictures “look” like the guys were naked as Jaybirds, thankfully for my part in having to put together and edit the calendar, they were not.

While just like any other gal I appreciate a nice 6 pack, quite a few of our photos had 10 packs, 12 packs and a couple of kegs.

I think what hasn’t helped the misconception was the logo I designed:
One of our Calendar month’s sent this revised version to us that might be a bit truer to form in some cases:
MOGeditfinal 3

It was interesting creating a calendar from scratch and seeing the results of 6 different professional photographers with their own takes on lighting etc. as well as seeing the really creative things that some of the business owners participating in the project came up with. I was myself a little leery of the project at first, I’ve never designed a full scale calendar before, plus in the beginning just like most area people out there I thought, Say What? Local dudes in the altogether advertising their businesses? Erm………

Needless to say, I was very pleasantly surprised by the photos that came in that I had to place in the calendar. The photos were great, some were cute, some funny as all get out, one was downright adorable, a local business with three generations in it, including a little cute as a button baby.

I think people once they see the calendar will see what a gas it is, I know everyone we have showed it to so far has giggled, guffawed and said “Oh my God, that’s hilarious”. It’s meant in good fun and some of the proceeds are being donated to local charities. I know I’ll be buying some calendars for Christmas presents for relatives I know that will get a kick out of them.

All I can say is hats off to the photographers who did an absolutely awesome job with the photos, and I have to admire the balls (metaphorically) of the guys who volunteered and paid money as well to be IN the calendar. While I may look at a few of them differently from now on, it won’t because I’ve seen their 6 pack (or 10 pack abs) it’s because I admire the gumption it took to do something like this in the name of business as well as admiring their sense of humor.


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2 Responses to Working on The Men of Glastonbury Calendar

  1. Carol says:

    What fun! Where can I get a calendar?

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