Two quick twitter tips for Bed and Breakfasts


Both of these have to do with lists and if your a B&B and not using lists, your making life for yourself a lot more difficult then it needs to be. Lists are by far the easiest way to organize and stay on top of what is happening on twitter.

If you are not familiar with lists, and (all the posts reference lists) here is a little heavy reading for you.

One: If you are already using lists, especially ones to help market and advertise your area, or for those innkeepers that make custom lists so they can send them to guests inquiring about the area, make sure you add yourself to your area things to do, places to see, local areas, etc. lists. If you are making lists of other B&Bs and lodging, make sure you add yourself to those lists as well.

There are two reasons for this, one is if you send the list(s) to a potential guest, you want to make sure they see your tweets as well as the others in that category. Two and more importantly, other people can and do follow your lists, you have more potential and greater exposure to your tweets this way.

If you look at my list you can see I have listed 496 lodging facilities in that particular list and I have 78 people subscribing to that list. Those 78 people are not necessarily following those lodging people but they ARE following their tweets.

Two: use private lists. First and most importantly to stalk your competition, possible future guests and also vendors.  But also to be more private about your personal interests if you are using your inn twitter account semi-personally. I was followed by an innkeeper a few days ago (new to twitter apparently) and I checked out who he was following and who was following him, as many experienced twitter users are wont to do. Mixed in amongst his hospitality people he was following was many many women with big bozongas and picture of said big bazongas.

I’ll give the guy a break, I know he’s single, in fact I had a nice email conversation with him and he has since cleaned up who he was following (publically). I point this out because an innkeeper may have personal interests that they may not want to “show” to the public, i.e. future and returning guests.

I don’t just mean sex related, they could be religious or political as well. Even as a B&B lover I will not return the follow of several innkeepers that are following the Westboro Baptist Church on twitter, because WBC offends my personal beliefs. While this is an extreme example, I know potential guests that are die hard Republicans that will not stay at an inn publically supporting the Dems.  Who you follow is a personal reflection of who you are as an innkeeper, if it’s not something you feel comfortable “advertising” or if it’s not a target demographic you are marketing specifically to, I would suggest putting it on a private list.

** Of interest to list users, twitter has apparently lifted the cap on how many lists you can create (it used to be 25)  and how many people you can put on a list (it used to be 500 per list) as I just came across a user with 4986 people on one list. I don’t know if there is a cap on either anymore.


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4 Responses to Two quick twitter tips for Bed and Breakfasts

  1. I hope the innkeeper was grateful to you. That could have been very embarrassing for him.

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