Bed and Breakfasts, Managing Your Social Media in Under an Hour a Week


I wrote this last year for a B&B conference I spoke at and hadn’t realized I hadn’t posted it! tsk tsk on me!

It’s very important to create a marketing calendar and stick to it! Put the schedule in your desk calendar, whether it’s online or offline and treat it like every other todo item that you HAVE to do during the week. I know B&Bs don’t have a lot (or any) of extra time, but social media is a necessary evil, in this day and age of online marketing, you HAVE to do it, whether you want to or not.

While your realistically can’t do more then 2 social media channels (and do them well) you can have a presence on multiple channels if managed properly.

Suggested Weekly Marketing Schedule for a Bed and Breakfast

Once Daily either in the Morning and Afternoon (5-10 minutes) at least 5 days a week.

Check your business’s Facebook Page for questions and respond if necessary, a positive post by a guest or potential guest should always be “liked”, a comment is encouraged.

Check Twitter with a program like  or (or Login directly)

Respond when necessary. Follow the @ replies that make sense to reply to. Don’t rely on twitter to send you notifications that someone has followed or replied to you, notifications seem to work on about 50% of the time. Follow back anyone that seems to be a human being, remember you can always unfollow them if they try to sell you something.

Scan Twitter followers and feed for relevant or interesting conversations to join. Retweet something interesting, helpful or relevant.

Check LinkedIn. Reply to emails and comments if needed.

Check your Google+ page, post one thing (at least per week).

Set-up and Scan Google Alerts for brand and company mentions.

If time (with-in that 10 minutes) Chat with people on Google+ or Twitter, Pin some inn images, or related images to Pinterest. Get a extra post done in Google+ and/or Facebook. Don’t forget you can pre-schedule posts in Facebook or use or to get a jump on other posts on most networks.

Weekly, set one day aside (5-10 minutes) to do just one thing.

Build Twitter Lists to better organize ongoing discussions and special interest groups. (say Monday)

Add new content to Facebook like videos or photos. Pre-schedule some posts for throughout the week (say Tuesday) Make sure you have at least one post scheduled for Saturday.

Schedule tweets through  ,  or to go out at least once a day, or at least several times per week. Keep in mind if you connect your blog post and Facebook business page to twitter, it will also feed that content in. (say Wednesday)

Write at least one new blog post, Pin the image in the post to Pinterest. (say Thursday) Remember a blog post doesn’t have to be a novel. A photo or two and a short paragraph will do it.

Catch up on LinkedIn discussions and add some new connections. (say Friday)

Aggregation tools:

Content Sources:

Twitter lists: Even if you don’t “use” twitter, you can set up lists for business information sourcing.


Sign up for newsletters or blogs relevant or interesting to your target clientele.

Aggregating stories:

And please see:  Innkeepers, How to get ahead in Social Media


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  1. Diane Greene says:

    Just review all these blog posts (again) and I wanted to stay thank you for all the valuable information you contribute.

    Diane Greene

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