TripAdvisor’s Metasearch, Bing and Bed and Breakfasts

Tripadvisor has announced a partnership with Bing, my guess is to try to compete with Google Carousel. What this does is up the ante a bit for B&Bs in terms of paying more attention to Bing and Bing listings.

More information about the partnership here:

It’s of interest that it’s pulling in Facebook Business page links as well when you jump to the listing, presumably because of the Bing maps integration into Facebook. Of note is that B&Bs that have Facebook Pages but don’t have the maps tab selected, the Facebook link doesn’t appear to show up in the Bing listing.

If you haven’t had the FB map enabled, in your admin panel in FB, go to “edit page”, then “edit settings”, then “page info”, then “address” and edit the info. Make sure “Show this map on your Page and enable check-ins.” is checked.

This is what the interface looks like.


The interesting thing is most listings are pulling in Tripadvisor listings and information.

Bing 6 no paid listing

But not all of them.


Initially I thought that the reason that some inns had listings and not all was it was dependant on a Tripadvisor paid listing, this was not the case, I also checked out number of reviews and last date of review and that didn’t appear to the case either for the difference in listings. Further digging revealed that the inns that didn’t have extended information imported from Tripadvisor it appears had not claimed their Bing Local Listings.

I don’t know this for a fact but I looked at listings for over 300 B&Bs this morning and the ones that it had appeared had not claimed their Bing Local Listings were the ones with no information drawn in from Tripadvisor. This was based on the fact the listing still had “is this your business” and no additional information.

Whether this is a temporary glitch because its so new or it’s attributable to some other factor. It’s still extremely important to claim your Bing Local Listing, it’s free and you can add quite a bit of additional information to the account. It will also help with your search engine optimization.

If you have not yet done so, or are unsure whether you are listed or not, you can go to to check and add your business if it’s not yet listed. has some help documentation and information if you get stuck or need help.


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One Response to TripAdvisor’s Metasearch, Bing and Bed and Breakfasts

  1. Dyan says:

    Don’t know if this makes a difference but the Nutmeg Inn had been closed for several years and was just purchased and re-opened for business.

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