Innkeepers, have you checked your GPS listings lately?


While more and more marketing people (rightly) are talking about the importance of having a mobile presence for your business, little focus is being taken on people actually finding you while driving to your inn.  Similar to a post I wrote a few years ago, Why it pays to sleep around for Bed and Breakfast owners, which focuses on the little things guests may notice at a B&B and may not mention to an innkeeper because they forgot, or it was minor irritation, being able to find your inn accurately can be extremely annoying when a guest is on route to you.

Having heard from several businesses that they know they are having a problem with having people finding them accurately, I thought it might help to put together a list of places where an inn can go to review and fix any irregularities that guests might have in finding their properties. While GPS use by itself has been in the decline with the rise of Smart Phones, it’s the same technology and the same sources that phone and GPS stand alone devices are getting their information from.

NAVTEQ: Used by Garmin, Magellan, MapQuest, Bing, Navigon, and Yahoo Maps

Tele Atlas: Used by Mio and Tom Tom

Existing Location Errors for Garmin: Garmin customers can submit errors or omissions in Garmin’s MapSource cartography or POI business listings at

InfoUSA provides business listings to all sorts of clients, including GPS manufacturers. Visit their website and click “Update my Listing” at the bottom of the home page


Apple Maps (integrated with IPhone) recently rolled out a feature for business owners to correct and maintain their local listings.

For a step by step walkthrough of it, there is a great article here:

Be sure to claim your business listing on Bing Places as well as it allows you to correct the map listing. Fixing your location on Bing Maps will also automatically update your map listing in Facebook on business pages to the accurate place.

Now that Mapquest has been taken over by Yext (who asks you to pay to play) the best way to correct an inaccurate map listing on Mapquest (for free), is to submit a support ticket on There is more information here:

Beware of sites that offer to fix your GPS listings for you (for a fee), the majority of them have had multiple complaints. There are several that say they are free, rope you into submitting your information and then saying you have to pay to actually get anything done (and then still don’t fix).

If a guest is trying to find your inn and spends 10 minutes or more driving around before they get frustrated and either call you, or stop to ask a local for directions, the odds that they are going to arrive at your inn already in a bad mood is high. Nip it in the bud and take a few minutes to check your listings. With more and more people using Smartphones to navigate to your inn, make sure your listings are accurate now, as usage will just continue to go up.


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8 Responses to Innkeepers, have you checked your GPS listings lately?

  1. I’ve checked all the sites I can (that was a time-consuming trip, requiring me to sign up for sites I have no long-term interest in) and they all seem right, yet there are two directional errors out there that I know guests run into. And rarely do they take the map and directions I send. I hadn’t claimed my Bing page yet, so at least there was some good accomplished.

  2. Good advice, we have that often because the street where our hotel is situated, is partly a pedestrian walk, and divided by a large street, so people sometimes get really desperate and are already annoyed when they arrive. We always thought – well, not our fault – but maybe we can really do something about it, thank you.

  3. cavalmari says:

    Great post, must look into this for our hotel. You are absolutely right that people already arrive in a bad mood when they have to search us for a long time and I never thought that we could do something about it

  4. Audrey Gray says:

    That is a really great article, and a good point. My road was split by the hwy years ago and now its a big problem as the gps goes to the other side.. so I had to work on it.. with growth on that side, it made it harder for them to find me. Now signs help too from the hwy department. Many don’t use that and they should as cell smart phones is how they now book!

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