Buffer and the new Pinterest Integration for Innkeepers, Is it worth a look?

Pin1In my opinion Pinterest is still one of the fastest growing social media networks that Innkeepers should have a presence on, and Buffer (Bufferapp.com) one of my favorite pre-scheduling tools out there. I am a big fan of the free version, up to 3 social media accounts and up to 10 pre scheduled posts. I have been on the fence for awhile about upgrading to the awesome plan (12 social media profiles and pre-scheduling up to 200 posts at a time). The Pinterest/Buffer integration may just put me over the edge where I decide to upgrade ($10.00 a month).

Buffer is letting people sign up for the Pinterest access for a free 7 day trial (no credit card required) to test it out. I’ve found some pros and cons, but mostly pros so far in playing with the trial.

Why do I think this would be of interest to Innkeepers? Pinterest is fantastic for search engine optimization, boards can be brought in to a Facebook page using free apps, plus Pinterest boards can have widgets added to both websites and blogs enhancing visual appeal, plus visual is what “sells”.

Plus Pinterest is super easy to use, one of the easiest to learn (and also the most addictive). Using Buffer to preschedule images to Pinterest will A. save valuable time for innkeepers as it will give the ability to space out posts and B. they then won’t have to login to Pinterest and get distracted tracking down that delish bacon recipe or getting sidetracked seeing cool new renovation ideas for storage in guest rooms (and I am not being sarcastic, Pinterest can be a time sucker and it’s super easy to get distracted). This will allow innkeepers to better spend that time on actual marketing.

Cons, I have not found a way to easily post a photo from an exterior page using the Buffer toolbar button. So using Bufferapp to pin photos from your website may not be an option at this time.

Pros, You can upload your photos, put in your descriptions and set what exterior links the photo will link to in less time then it takes to upload and do within Pinterest itself (The photo uploader in Buffer seems to be at least 50% faster than the Pinterest uploader especially with higher resolution photos) AND it gives you the ability to repin photos from within Pinterest itself, and send them into your pre scheduling queue, much better for marketing for both things, as it spaces your posts out more so you have more of a potential of more eyeballs seeing your posts at different times.

I would recommend if you have a business Pinterest account, taking a look at your analytics and then pre-scheduling not more than 3 posts per peak time period.

Tip: when pre-scheduling Pinterest posts, go into your Buffer dashboard to schedule, using the Bufferapp toolbar button to open a new scheduled post tends to glitch.


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2 Responses to Buffer and the new Pinterest Integration for Innkeepers, Is it worth a look?

  1. Linda Singer says:

    Buffer is AMAZING. Signed up yesterday after you suggested it in your Webinar, “Life After Facebook,” presented to our MI Lake to Lake B&B Association. It took the 12-15-minute task of posting on Facebook, then logging into Twitter after first visiting “TinyURL.com” to post a shortened version, down to about two minutes, if that. And it’s free. As I said, AMAZING.

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