New Important Changes for Facebook Page Owners that Innkeepers Need to Know.


  1. The Addition of a “People Also Like” Box to the left, it can be reordered but not deleted.

2.  The “Welcome to this Page” option (under the About Section) for mobile, looks like it may have only been a test, this option is now removed.

2. ***Verify Your Page looks like it’s now rolled out to all Pages. Verifying is easy. They call you with a pin number, you enter it and you’ve got the verified check mark.

Note, if you have a number for the business set in the page, you can change the number to call to verify it. This almost seems rather pointless as anyone can then verify a page, even someone not officially the business owner, or someone can set up a competing page for a business and have that verified. I just verified 5 pages (with the same phone number used) as an example. I suspect this may come back and bite Facebook at some point.

3.  ***Reviews has moved to its own location in the menu bar underneath the banner. The option to hide your reviews by unchecking the map option (in the About section) looks to be currently gone. It’s now been changed to “Show Map and Checkins on Page” instead of “Show Map and Reviews on Page”.

It does appear you can now comment/respond on ALL reviews, not formerly an option depending on individual privacy settings.

This is really bad news for page owners, if your business hits the news in a bad way, you may have to resort to unpublishing your page until it blows over now.

4. ***Adding Pages to Interest Lists has disappeared (from where you previously added them on the page itself in question).  The option itself still seems to work, you have to be logged in as yourself/personal account, go to your main page/feed, scroll down on the left to where it says Interests.

If you already have interest lists you can still add to them, or you can create new, you will have to “find” the page by entering it into the search box to the right. Note you must have also liked the page in question first before you are able to add it. I really hope they don’t do away with this option completely as this is one of the few things that made aggregating content on Facebook easier.

5. ***Page banners are undergoing yet another change and revision. Reverting a bit to the old format where most of the buttons/options with the exception of the Call to Action button are moving back under the banner. The smaller avatar profile image is getting smaller and moving up into the banner itself more. So anyone that’s spent time customizing their banner to look nice (if it has text on it) will probably have to redo it.

The interesting thing about this option is it’s not be rolled out to page owners, it being rolled out to users. I first heard about this about a month plus ago but the vast majority of users still don’t see the new format. I’ve so far run into two people who have the new view option and from reports I’ve found I’d peg it at about 5% of Facebook users see the new format currently. I’d recommend changing the image as soon as you can, past experience with views and major changes usually takes about 2 months and we are about a month in so far. I don’t have the option enabled, the screenshot was sent by a FB friend who has the new view.

Old Header

Richard old header

New Header

new header

Usually Facebook when rolling out some major changes (like the last four) means there are still more changes in the works. I’ll try to add to this if I come across any more.


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