A revised way to curate Facebook Interest Lists for Bed and Breakfasts

Interest listsFor those unfamiliar with using Interest Lists in Facebook, they are a terrific way to curate content for re-posting on an inns or associations social media channels including re-posting to an inns or associations Facebook business page. While one method of curation is to like a area attractions page “as” your business page, Facebook still filters out the majority of the posts so you are not actually seeing everything posted by the liked pages. Utilizing Interest Lists for curation lets you see every single post posted by the pages who have interesting content, ie. local theatres, restaurants, area attractions etc.

In the past Facebook gave you the ability to add a page to an interest list when you were directly on a business page, you had to like the page first (with a personal account) and then you would see the option. Facebook took that away several months ago. You could still create interest lists, but then you had to like a page first, then go to an interest list and add them.

They have now changed it so that you can add a page to a list without liking the page first and it also appears that business pages can create interest lists (I would be cautious doing this at the moment, as A. I don’t know if that feature will still be around in a few months or its in testing mode and B. it doesn’t appear that you can then share the list with others, ie. having them be view-able and searchable to the public and to friends.) From a collaboration aspect (especially if you are using this feature for the benefit of an association) you may want to stick with creating Interest Lists with your personal accounts for the foreseeable future.

To walk you through some quick steps to create and add pages to an Interest List, go to https://www.facebook.com/bookmarks/interests

step two


step one

Then name your list:

Step 4

Add a page to your interest list to start:



To add additional pages to your list, find the Facebook business page you would like to add, copy the ending of the page from the url:

list one

Paste the url snippet into the box to the right and hit add and bingo you are all set!

list two

You can have multiple interest lists for multiple topics and they can be private, public or friends only.


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