Branding, Marketing and the Internet for Aspiring Innkeepers. Part Two


This is part two of a series based on a recent session I did for Aspiring innkeepers at the recent Mid-Atlantic Innkeepers Conference in Virginia. Part One can be found here.

Slide 10 was on utilizing your business cards and using them well. I also talked about how in the beginning you may not have social media links set up for your inn, but instead of having to reprint them as you add them, use the Clear Avery Mailing Labels and utilize any white space on the cards for the new text on the label.   I also mentioned the importance of not just saying “Find Us on Facebook” on your cards and print materials,  or just using the logo but actually putting the direct link, like as people are honestly lazy, A. they won’t search for it and B. with a name that may have multiple variations or be worded a certain way, you want to make sure you direct people to the correct inn (instead of the inn with the same name in another state for example or you have abbreviations or hyphens in the FB url). Some additional ways you can use your business cards can be found here from the blog in 2011: Leveraging your business cards for the hospitality industry.


Slide 11 was about the importance of an innkeeper having their 30 Second Elevator Speech done and perfected. I wrote about this one back in 2011: Why Bed and Breakfasts need to have an elevator speech.


Slide 12 was about Telephone Tools and having scripts in place for certain types of calls and also Post-its or reminders to make sure you concentrate on the art of the upsell. I wrote some tips about this one back in 2009: A tale of two Inns and the importance of good phone sales skills.


Slide 13 was about whether local Chamber membership was worth it. I feel personally that it is, but you have to take advantage of the membership, otherwise it’s worthless. A post from 2014 relates more: Is Chamber membership worth it for Bed and Breakfasts?

I still have about a dozen more slides to go, mainly on websites, photography and social media, so stay tuned for next week when I wrap up the series. Same bat time, same bat place.

If you are an innkeeper or aspiring innkeeper and would like a copy of the actual slidedeck (for the visuals) please send me an email at and I’d be happy to send you a copy.

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