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Lodging and Restaurants: POS systems must accommodate new secure payment technology

This was posted on the National Restaurant Associations page earlier this week, while aimed at restaurants, this is going to be very important for the lodging industry to be aware of as well, considering how many overseas guests come to … Continue reading

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Heck, Don’t buy my stuff, BUY MY STUFF!

Yesterday I was at my monthly Chamber of Commerce Ambassador’s meeting and a brief discussion sprang up about the personal side of Facebook. In a nutshell people don’t want to see game posts and sales pitches. Several hours later I … Continue reading

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Restaurant Productivity and the age of Social Distraction

I recently did a productivity audit on a restaurant, and found some interesting observations that I thought it would be worth it to share. The restauranteur in question was having an issue with prep not getting done in time for … Continue reading

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Guest Post: When Will The Restaurant Industry Finally Get Labor Right?

by Greg McGuire, It was taken as a good sign recently when the Nation’s Restaurant News reported that employee turnover in the restaurant industry was on the rise for the first quarter of 2011.  This means more jobs are being created … Continue reading

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Restaurants need to come out of the Dark Ages

One of the most common phrases to come out of a Chef’s or Restaurant Owner’s mouth, is “I don’t have time!” Let’s totally forget social media and social media marketing for a moment. Let’s just address review sites. Yelp, Tripadvisor … Continue reading

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Open Mouth insert Anti-Gluten Free Comment Here

Or (As a restaurant owner a prime example of why you should be monitoring your brand) I became aware of this a few days ago when I saw a tweet posted by a B&B twitter friend of mine linking to an … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Why Food Allergies Are Costing Your Restaurant Money

by Greg McGuire, Food allergies are a serious problem that millions of people deal with every day.  Sometimes those reactions can even be life-threatening, which makes the allergy problem something restaurants cannot afford to ignore. And yet for quite awhile … Continue reading

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