Rules for the BnB Group Forum

Rules for the Bed and Breakfast Community Forum. PLEASE READ!

Bed and Breakfast Owners and Related Lodging are welcome to join the group, as are B&B and lodging vendors and aspiring innkeepers. I created this forum in February of 2019 because the two Google+ forums for B&Bs that I created years ago and were being used were going away because Google+ finally died a slow and painful death. I was asked by quite a few innkeepers if I would start an alternative forum when G+ bit the dust.

No Sales! No Solicitations!

  • If a Bed and Breakfast or a Vendor posts a direct sales solicitation to the group, they will be removed. (this includes any moderators, including myself)
  • A first time introduction from a B&B ONLY joining the group telling everyone about their inn (including specials) is acceptable.
  • Introductions from Vendors will be eyeballed heavily, if it’s a hello to the group. FINE. If you have ANY kind of sales pitch or information linking to direct URLs or sales about your company, your post will be removed. The point of this group is if you make intelligent helpful comments on others posts, or you have some insight drawn from elsewhere around the web, people will look at your profile. Go pitch elsewhere.
  • One strike (sales) from a vendor on a post and they will be removed from the group.
  • Direct (sales) solicitations from a B&B will result in a warning. And then removal if it happens again.
  • If someone has been removed from the group and they feel it was without cause they are welcome to reapply to the group after contacting me directly. or 860-326-0721.
  • The second strike (if reinstated) will result in being removed and banned permanently from the group.

I realize this may seem harsh, but I would like to keep this group from turning into what all the lodging groups on Linkedin and Facbeook have turned into, with innkeepers constantly getting subjected to solicitation posts and information posted being completely non-relevant to B&Bs.

As a reminder, anyone can start their own Forums communities, so if you decide you can’t abide by the rules and play fair, you are welcome to leave and start your own group. I created this group as a test run to see how they worked initially, and would like to have a community where innkeepers don’t feel like they are going to get pounced on.

Rules about blog posts:

Any blogs or links with information relating to anything important (or really interesting) that an innkeeper must keep up on or be aware of. i.e. changes to social media platforms, Tripadvisor changes, ADA updates etc. are welcome.

Vendor posts and blog posts are welcome as well, as long as the information is applicable and helpful to innkeepers, you must NOT have any direct sales solicitations in the post itself or the post will be removed from the community, we will be monitoring all posts and reading them. You may have sales information next to the post (as in a static part of your page off to the left, bottom, or right of the blog in your widgets area).

If anyone has comments, ideas or thinks a change, addition or deletion to these rules is in order, please let me know!

Thank you and Cheers! Heather T.

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