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Creating a Menu Around Longer Daytime (or Summer) Dinner Hours Part 2

With the onset on longer daylight hours during the summer, and the incentive to capture and retain diners during that time period, some restaurants may consider extending their dinner hours before and after the times that they may usually be … Continue reading

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Guest Post: 10 Tips For Conserving Water In Your Restaurant

By Greg McGuire Restaurants use a lot of water.  Between cooking, washing dishes, cleaning up, and serving guests, your water bill takes a good chunk out of your monthly budget on a consistent basis.  Water conservation is also a big … Continue reading

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How Your Bar Costs Can Get Out Of Control, Part One

In most restaurants that have bars, a well run bar will pull in a much higher profit margin then even the best run kitchen. Especially with a bar that serves wine by the glass, which has a much higher profit … Continue reading

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Beg, Borrow or Blow (your food cost)

In a restaurant, especially a newly started or taken over one, it is highly recommended you get to know the other area food facilities and develop good relationships with them.. While this may seem quaint, sort of like moving into … Continue reading

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Food safety for a spooktacular Halloween

Food safety for a spooktacular Halloween http://ping.fm/L20Lj

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