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Interview tips for chefs and cooks

I recently co-interviewed a possible Executive Sous Chef for a client. The interviewee showed up in a T-shirt, jeans with holes in the knees, long long hair (while in a ponytail, it was all over the place) a ball cap … Continue reading

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Top Ten things I’d like to do to Spammers

Yes this is an evil list, but spammers are evil, Think Darth Vader crossed with Baron Vladimir Harkonnen and you have idea of how lower then pond scum I think spammers rate. Recently made madder then a wet hen by … Continue reading

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You know you’re a social media “expert” or “guru” if…..

Remember Jeff Foxworthy? Or maybe this should be a Letterman list? You know you’re a social media “expert” or “guru” if: You have social media links on every piece of content you have online…..with no followers, no fans, no unique … Continue reading

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