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How Innkeepers can Leverage Youtube’s Photo Slideshow Option

Early last year (date to the best of my knowledge) Youtube rolled out the ability to upload photos and turn them into a video/slideshow. I think video is incredibly important for innkeepers, but may be cost prohibitive for many and … Continue reading

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Is Chamber membership worth it for Bed and Breakfasts?

One answer, Yes and No. It depends on the Chamber of Commerce. I get this question frequently, especially from people just opening up B&Bs for the first time. I just got this question again last night and decided to finally … Continue reading

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Final Follow Up to Facebook’s New Play to Play

This is a follow up to two posts I did mid summer about Facebook’s Promoted Posts Last one is here https://chefforfeng.wordpress.com/2012/06/08/bed-and-breakfasts-and-facebooks-new-pay-to-play-part-two/ Since then I have the opportunity to play around with the feature through my own fan page and with … Continue reading

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Bed and Breakfasts, Steps on Evaluating a Marketing Company

It seems like every day I get a call or email from a friend (who has an inn) or a client who just got solicited by a marketing company wanting to know what the skinny is on a company, I … Continue reading

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Do you really know if your violating Facebook’s terms of service?

Unfortunately many social media networks don’t make their terms of service clear. And because using it and setting accounts up is not straightforward and intuitive, many businesses go against the platforms terms of service without even being aware of it. … Continue reading

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Heck, Don’t buy my stuff, BUY MY STUFF!

Yesterday I was at my monthly Chamber of Commerce Ambassador’s meeting and a brief discussion sprang up about the personal side of Facebook. In a nutshell people don’t want to see game posts and sales pitches. Several hours later I … Continue reading

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More on Google+ Business Pages for Bed and Breakfasts

This is a continuation of last weeks post: Google+ Business Pages for Bed and Breakfasts https://chefforfeng.wordpress.com/2011/11/11/google-business-pagesfor-bed-and-breakfasts/ Some additional relevant reading about Google+ for Businesses: Connect your Google+ Page to your AdWords campaigns http://adwords.blogspot.com/2011/11/connect-your-google-page-to-your.html From the Google Blog: This week we introduced Google+ Pages, a … Continue reading

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