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2 lobsters, a local fish market and the importance of customer service

This is a perfect example of an excellent post that came out recently: A Better Business Doctrine – Part 1: A**holes are bad for business which should be required reading for businesses. I’m going to warn you now, this is long, … Continue reading

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Why I loathe being called a Foodie

I wrote this for my Toastmasters speech tonight and thought I’d post it for a snark or two, as a few of you I talk to on twitter, know much I just “love” being called a foodie. LOL I think … Continue reading

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The Elephant in the closet, or dyslexia and should one wear a big red D?

Apologies in advance, not a marketing post, just a rant or a musing with some questions for others that deal with it to. Its been an interesting month plus lately and I think perhaps some things have getting under my … Continue reading

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Please invent this! I’ll be your first customer! Big dog challenges.

I hear frequently that you should have a license and training before you are allowed to own a dog and I would be all for that, I also think having that be a requirement before having children would also be … Continue reading

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Quitting Facebook is not an option and why I’m staying

I think the whole Facebook privacy thing is kind of amusing. Perhaps because I have been more of a user of twitter and I am used to the public being able to view what I tweet. Not being a huge … Continue reading

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The trials and tribulations of renting (or staying) anywhere with big dogs

Sorry if this is a bit off my usual offtopic topics, but this is personal and also a commentary as well on lodging facilities that call themselves “Pet Friendly”. We have two big dogs, German Shepherds, who while they are … Continue reading

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