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Q&A with Tripadvisor’s Head of Industry Relations, Brian Payea

A bit over a month ago, I got to visit Tripadvisor’s new Headquarters in Needham, MA, with our Fidelco Guide Dog Puppy in tow. (off topic for a minute, my husband and myself are volunteer puppy raisers for the Fidelco … Continue reading

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Reputation Management Links and Tips for Innkeepers

Additional Recommended Reading: The Art of Responding to review sites for restaurants and lodging. Check to see if your business name is taken on social networks: http://namechk.com/ http://knowem.com/ -Don’t sign up for the service, just use it check (and be cognizant … Continue reading

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TripAdvisor’s Metasearch, Bing and Bed and Breakfasts

Tripadvisor has announced a partnership with Bing, my guess is to try to compete with Google Carousel. What this does is up the ante a bit for B&Bs in terms of paying more attention to Bing and Bing listings. More … Continue reading

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Pinterest Maps, Foursquare Integration and Bed and Breakfasts Take Two

This morning I was exploring the new maps option that Pinterest Rolled out. One of the downsides of the maps is not being able to add locations via Pinterest and then I thought, well there must be a way to … Continue reading

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The New Pinterest Maps and what it means to Bed and Breakfasts

Pinterest has rolled out a new mapping feature. Glutton for punishment that I am had to go play with it this morning. My initial thoughts are it has potential, it is a far cry from a custom Google Map but … Continue reading

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Responding to Fruitcake Reviewers

There’s been a ton of talk, articles and blogs about how to respond to online reviews. But not too much on how to deal with Fruitcakes and Trolls. The difference? A Fruitcake reviewer is someone who may have been a … Continue reading

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The Lodging Resource Newsletter: Issue #19, February 2013

Hello again Lovely Innkeepers! The big news for this past month was TripAdvisor announcing a new feature that will allow Innkeepers to report any issues regarding blackmail threats from their guests http://cdn.tripadvisor.com/pdfs/email/Blackmail_US.pdf Acorn Internet did a very good walkthrough on: … Continue reading

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