About Forfeng’s Blog

A word of warning, the purpose of this blog is not a business oriented blog. Well actually it is, and it isn’t………………………………………….

I blog because I like to write. I have no ego about being an especially good writer, I just like to write. 🙂

I may write about business related things and also marketing, specifically related to foodservice and to lodging, both industries of which I have ties to.

I’ll also blog about personal stories from my past life (career not incarnation), some recipes, some snarky commentary about things that I’ve come across and very occasionally about something that has absolutely no relevance to any of the above other then it struck my fancy.

I hope some of what I’ve posted is useful to my respective industries and hopefully other portions of it you might find amusing as well.

I do guest blog on foodservice.com as well as several other related hospitality sites and blogs. If you find any posts worthy of being snitched, I’d much appreciate a link back.

I just started recently accepting guest posts here on my blog as well. If you have a blog post or article you think might be of interest (ie hospitality or lodging related) please shoot me an email with the link or verbage. I can’t guarantee I’ll post it but I’ll definitely read it.

I do try to limit information for guest posts to things that are not pushing someone’s business or services (i.e you should do this and why you should use me and my services because I am the God’s gift to SEO, yada, yada, yada)  and are informational or amusing and relevant to people in the industry. If you are interested, email me at forfengdesigns@gmail.com or give me a shout, M-F 8 AM – 6 PM  860-326-0721   Please no foodie bloggers!

Some favorite blogs of mine:

UnMarketing: http://www.un-marketing.com/blog/

Copy Blogger: http://www.copyblogger.com/

Conversation Marketing: http://www.conversationmarketing.com/

2 Responses to About Forfeng’s Blog

  1. Joe Nilsen says:

    Could not agree more with what you said. I would love to guest blog on here if you would be willing to allow me to do so. I will be reaching out soon. Thanks Chef.

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