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Two quick twitter tips for Bed and Breakfasts

Both of these have to do with lists and if your a B&B and not using lists, your making life for yourself a lot more difficult then it needs to be. Lists are by far the easiest way to organize … Continue reading

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A quick tip for personal Facebook profiles that have business pages

While I am not a big fan of mixing personal profiles with business, many people leave part or all of their Facebook profiles, “public” meaning anyone logged in to Facebook can view information on their personal pages. If you do … Continue reading

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Bed and Breakfasts, Reputation Management and Deleted Tweets

A common concern I hear frequently voiced from B&Bs, “Is what if I have a conversation with someone who voices a complaint,” or “What if I posted something I regret?” Like a drunk tweet, or something posted in anger, “Should … Continue reading

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Twitter Questions and Bed and Breakfasts

I recently came across an interesting twitter related site, http://youasked.it/ which gives you random questions asked in real time on twitter. You can also search questions asked on https://twitter.com/search-advanced but I found Youaskedit kind of fun. If you put search … Continue reading

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Another Quick Tip for Bed and Breakfasts to leverage Facebook Photos

This technique is also great for Google+ posts, sharing on twitter and pinning on Pinterest If you missed the last post about leveraging Facebook Photos, you can find it here https://chefforfeng.wordpress.com/2012/08/24/a-quick-tip-for-bed-and-breakfasts-to-leverage-facebook-photos/ Because photos are the one thing that is shared … Continue reading

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The 3 Golden Rules of Twitter for Lodging

1. Don’t Expect Something for Nothing Keep the Sales Pitches to a Minimum: Look at it from the aspect of the consumer/guest. Everyone is on every network selling. No one cares. If you were scoping around twitter for people to … Continue reading

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Heck, Don’t buy my stuff, BUY MY STUFF!

Yesterday I was at my monthly Chamber of Commerce Ambassador’s meeting and a brief discussion sprang up about the personal side of Facebook. In a nutshell people don’t want to see game posts and sales pitches. Several hours later I … Continue reading

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