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Working on The Men of Glastonbury Calendar

For those who may not know, I kind of fell into a full time job this past June at the local Chamber of Commerce that I have been a member and ambassador at for the last few years. It wasn’t … Continue reading

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A quick tip for personal Facebook profiles that have business pages

While I am not a big fan of mixing personal profiles with business, many people leave part or all of their Facebook profiles, “public” meaning anyone logged in to Facebook can view information on their personal pages. If you do … Continue reading

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Responding to Fruitcake Reviewers

There’s been a ton of talk, articles and blogs about how to respond to online reviews. But not too much on how to deal with Fruitcakes and Trolls. The difference? A Fruitcake reviewer is someone who may have been a … Continue reading

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A tip for innkeepers to leverage the new Faceboook Graph Search

With Facebook Graph Search geared for public rollout soon, it’s important that innkeepers that have Facebook business pages invite ALL their friends and family to be fans of their business pages. In this case it has nothing to do with … Continue reading

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Innkeepers, are you REALLY leveraging local?

On Monday I had a great interview with Tom Costello, and during the interview he brought up the gentlemen that he had interviewed previously, whose thoughts were that hoteliers (and this relates to any lodging) needs to be spending more … Continue reading

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Facebook Oh Facebook, Where Art Thou Oh Facebook?

Or perhaps it should be Facebook Oh Facebook, Where the Heck are You At? – important piece at the end, so skip down if you must. Lots of questions about edgerank and interest lists in the last few weeks, and … Continue reading

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30 Places to advertise your Facebook Page

If you have a Facebook fan/business page and you don’t advertise you have it at all, how are people supposed to find it? Put the link on your website (most important!) Put the link on gift certificates Put the link … Continue reading

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