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Unbundling, Innkeepers is it time to start thinking out of the box?

I was recently talking to a friend of mine and was extolling the virtues of staying at B&Bs vs hotels, motels and Airbnb options, and he had an interesting question for me. His question was do B&Bs ever offer the … Continue reading

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Innkeepers, Are you losing your identity?

As innkeepers, your lives are public, they need to be. Guests do like to know who they are staying with generally, it’s an integral part of the B&B brand. And while not every innkeeper has their names and photos on … Continue reading

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Airbnb, should innkeepers beat em or join em?

 I would say do both. Facts: Airbnb isn’t going away. They are getting and probably will get, a lot more funding in the future. Airbnb renters are basically stealing guests from lodging facilities that are paying rooms & meals taxes, … Continue reading

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New Facebook Business Page changes Bed and Breakfasts should be aware of

https://www.facebook.com/Applesauceinnbnb (new Business Facebook page layout) So as I continue my love-hate relationship with Facebook and it’s ongoing changes, I am endlessly fascinated as they givith and then they takith away. It’s sort of like watching a horrifying train wreck for … Continue reading

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How Innkeepers can Leverage Youtube’s Photo Slideshow Option

Early last year (date to the best of my knowledge) Youtube rolled out the ability to upload photos and turn them into a video/slideshow. I think video is incredibly important for innkeepers, but may be cost prohibitive for many and … Continue reading

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Updated List of Bed and Breakfast Marketing and Operations Resource Sites and Forums

I am neither endorsing or recommending these resources but only listing them, as I have found they have provided useful and helpful, marketing and other operational advice to B&Bs and other lodging facilities. If you have come across other blogs … Continue reading

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So Where Should Bed and Breakfasts spend their time on Social Media now that Facebook is indeed dying a slow and painful death?

This past week two articles came out http://marketingland.com/facebook-concedes-that-organic-page-reach-is-dwindling-ads-are-best-way-to-been-seen-67302 and http://adage.com/article/digital/facebook-admits-organic-reach-brand-posts-dipping/245530/  Pretty much validation from word on high that Facebook is indeed shriveling and dying, especially for small business use. I’ve noticed on my own pages and the pages I admin … Continue reading

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